Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Gear Score Addon 3.3.5 ( WoW )

Hi ,
Since the new patch of World of Warcraft Blizzard { The Cataclysm } has been released its not easy to find good addon's for the old patch wrath of the lich king 3.3.5a  , so i like to share some of them with you and my friends that i use for my wow game play :P.
Addon name : Gear Score 3.3.5
Description : this addon is most usable in wow  for those who want  to know good they geared up their characters or see some exact information about their items stats . 
Download link : Gear Score 3.3.5
Password of file : angelsguild
How to install the addOns

Thanks to wow-titans admins for helping me.


  1. f**ck.this is addon lock for password.What is the password?-.-

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